Una palette di colori ricavata da un paesaggio naturale (foto)

How to match fabric colours armonically

Colours can build narratives, they do modernise shapes and materials, and can convey value messages too. How to match colours armonically?

Pattern cutting zero waste tutorial

Zero waste fashion, step by step

"Zero waste fashion" as approach to sustainable pattern cutting; Video tutorial: design your pattern with open software Seamly2d.

Shopping mainstream

Ethical fashion vs label

Fashion details often make difference. Colours, prints, a particolaur style. But what do we know about a garment label? Ethical fashion vs label. Main certifications and auditing activities. Fair trade, Global Organic Textile Standard, vintage fashion, and more..

Filati per macchina per cucire (foto)

Creative recycling, project 1: hair scrunchie

Creative recycling, project 1. A few scraps of fabric and your Creative Assistant tips: how to realize a colorful hair scrunchie. Step by step tutorial.

Pennelli per la tecnica della pittura su seta (foto)

Gutta-percha technique pattern design

How to paint on fabric with gutta-percha technique. Materials and equipment. How to realize your textile motifs: Proceeding phases.

Bag design, appunti di progettazione

Bag design notes

Bag design, a brief history. Models and materials, from basic shapes to the main variants.