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How to design: fabric hat with Seamly2d

disegnare cappelli

Want to learn how to design a fabric hat sample?

This video tutorial shows how to use Seamly2d tools at best, to easily get your pattern.

disegnare cappelli
cappello, disegno tecnico


The measurements used in industrial manufacturing are determined by a table in which size values go from 52 to 60 for adults, and from 45 to 56 for kids. The size corresponds to the measurement of the circumference of the head.

Using this software you can easily customize any project, if you prefer.

Just measure from one temple to the other, passing the centimetre tape from the nape of the neck to the forehead, a centimetre below where hairline begins.

Pattern, design notes

These are the most frequent terms used to describe the different pattern parts:

Hat crown

The upper part, it can be in different shapes and heights.


Lower ring of the hat which is sewn along the edge of the crown.

Hat band

The ribbon of silk (or other material) affixed to the lower edge of the crown, used to cover the seam or as embellishment.


Material affixed to the inside of the upper part of the hat.

le parti del cartamodello finite
Fabric hat, finished pattern parts

Seamly2d video-tutorial

Follow this video-tutorial as to create your pattern.


Seamly 2d user manual

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