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Creative recycling, project 3: neckwarmer

riciclo creativo progetto 3 scaldacollo

Creative recycling, project 3: neckwarmer

How to restyle your favorite old sweater, quick project in a few steps.


  • High-necked vest or sweater
  • Fabric scissors
  • Serger and sewing machine
  • A decorative button (or a brooch)

Main steps

1) Using the scissors, cut your garment horizontally, a little below the armhole line. (Keep aside the upper part for later).

2) Cut away the bottom part, if worn.

Step 2

3) Fold in half (along the short side), then baste the two layers.

Step 3

4) Use the serger to create a single layer (to avoid seam waste, do not use the cutting blade). Part 1 is complete.

Step 4: part 1 is complete

5) Take the upper part of the garment. Using the scissors cut away the collar.

Step 5

6) Using the serger, join the raw edge of the collar to the previously finished edge of part 1.

Step 6

7) Baste and join its second layer too, this time using the sewing machine.

Step 7

8) Turn out on the right. Create a small crease on the front, then stich in place.

9) Finally, apply a decorative button.

Step 9: choice of a detail
riciclo creativo, progetto 3: scaldacollo
The result
riciclo creativo, progetto 3: scaldacollo
Creative recycling, tutorial #3, neckwarmer by © prototipa
One Of A Kind (grafica © prototipa)
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